Ways how youths use Social Media

Coronavirus, Covid-19, Covid, or Rona will be terms that we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

This deadly virus has been rapidly spreading all over the world and has totally changed the way we live, it’s currently keeping everyone on lockdown, which caused not only adults but many youths to use social media more than usual. With many working from home, schools closed and social distancing in full effect, the majority have taken to social media for various reasons.

According to the Pew’s research center, a study showed about 97% of teens have a social media platform. In which some use it when they are going through tough times and want to seek help.

Youths use Social media for many different reasons:

  • to feel involved
  • to make their voices be heard
  • to talk to friends and family
  • staying up to date with current events and news
  • making Tik Tok videos
  • making Live Videos
  • creating or participating in various challenges
  • watch movies & shows
  • sharing and creating memes
  • playing video games 
  • searching for recipes they can try

Although social media is a fun outlet for young people to pass the time during quarantine, it’s also important to spend some time off devices and have interaction with those around you.

Social distancing also applies online for anything that is negative or hurtful. Avoid cyberbullying and shaming. Don’t share personal information and report and block anyone that is harassing and or making you feel uncomfortable. 

This article submitted by Janae Rodriquez

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