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TAS Entrepreneurial Spark

In 2006, Mervin Budram was doing a two weeks training in Lisbon, Maine with the Stauron University team. Dr. John Echardt, Founder of Staron, was giving Mervin the grand tour of the community and sharing about the history of the industrial era in the United States. While Mervin was taking it all in, his mind was occupied with thoughts of the JJ Boyz club back in Belize and some of the underprivileged boys he worked with. At this time, Mervin was a full-time youth pastor mentoring & investing in the youths of Belize and specifically in the Roaring Creek Village.

Mervin was also thinking about how he could create greater opportunities for the boys & Belizean students. Then in a split second, he had an entrepreneurial spark; an idea dropped in his mind and he sketched the letters ‘TAS’ in his journal. TAS which stood for Technological Advancement Services, and the idea to create a company that would provide employment, training, and funding for underprivileged students, started flooded his mind. Mervin tucked this idea away in his thoughts until he got back to Belize and started to take steps towards realizing it.