8 Essential Tips for Improving Your Website Design

A person’s average session on a website is 2 minutes. This means you have to convince your prospective client  to do business with you in this short time. To that end, you can improve your site to make it more efficient and more attractive. Here are eight tips we’ve compiled to help you optimize your website’s user experience :

1. Have a plan

Before jumping head-first in the development of your website, sketch a plan. Having a strategic plan will help your development team be better coordinated, stay on track with your vision, and avoid redundancies. It will also allow you to better navigate your visitor’s journey from the first time they visit your website to the moment they become a customer.

2. Have a clear navigation

Nobody likes to get lost so make your navigation as clear as possible. You have to guide your prospective client where you want them to go. 

3. Implement calls-to-action

Don’t assume your visitors know what to do or where to go. Once they land on your site, it’s important to provide them with some sort of direction. Use call-to-actions to lead them such as ‘download our catalog, sign up for our mailing list, watch the video, see pricing, etc’.

4. Be concise

One in three people spends less than 15 seconds reading a blog article. Remove lengthy contents and get straight to the point.

5. Identify broken links

Regularly scan your website for broken pages and fix them. Having the famous “404 Page Not Found” load, only serves to create an unpleasant experience for your potential customer. 
You can find some tools to use here and here to get you started.

6. Optimize your site for mobile devices

The internet is accessed more and more on cell phones and tablets. Your website needs to be perfectly responsive to cater to your prospects’ needs.

7. Get found

If you want to improve your online presence, your website needs to be found. You have to build your page for search engine optimization (SEO).

8. Never stop testing

To create the best user experience ever, check every button, form, page. Your website has to be perfect once online.

This article submitted by Susie Lou Maksud

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