Blogging 101: Four tips to writing a catchy blog article

This is the moment! You’re finally taking up your pen to write your first blog. But wait! You don’t know where to begin. There is hope! They are some really easy to follow writing rules that will keep your readers in suspense. Your goal is to be read, right? So let’s jump in.  In this article, I’m giving you the main tips you’ll need in order to write catchy web content that will make your readers finish your article; and even make them want to read more. 

Find your angle

find an angle

Before jumping in, find your message. It has to be clear, and easy to understand. A blog article answers a question that your readers might wonder. It is not a thesis, you can’t talk about all your topic’s aspects. Ask yourself what newness you are bringing to your readers. It can be some tips, some personal experience, or some knowledge about a theme. 

I recommend you write out a draft of the topic you want to deal with and your ideas. Once your ideas are put together, check that they are logical. If they are not, delete it.

Follow a plan

follow a plan

Your article has to be divided into the following sections: Introduction, Paragraphs, Conclusion.

  • The introduction has to be short and to the point. It gives the angle of your article. 
  • Before each paragraph, use headers to set up your words. 55% of visitors read your articles for 15 seconds or less. Headers help people to focus on the article and understand the main ideas quickly. A header introduces the paragraph message. 
  • The conclusion is the end of your article. It can summarize your words, or open up the reflection to a new topic.

Use images

use images

Online readers can’t focus on a long text. That’s why it is a good idea to use headers to section off your words. However, you can also add images! Pictures energize your article and give it more personality. Wait! Hold your horses! Don’t use pictures found on Google Image, because the copyright is not free.
You can use your own photos, or choose some from an image bank, Pixabay, for instance. Ensure that you only use pictures under a  Creative Commons license, and to include the artist name. I know, these cautions seem oversized, but a lawsuit for using someone else picture without permission or paying might be very expensive.

Be yourself!

be yourself

People on blogs want to feel the author’s personality. Otherwise, they can go on Wikipedia! I recommend you mirror the way to speak, your personal knowledge, and even your sense of humor in your article. 

In real-life, you like listening to amiable people, don’t you? It is exactly the same on blogs. The more your readers feel you are friendly, the more they want to read your articles.


Now, you have the basis to write a catchy blog article. I’m looking forward to read from you! By the way, TAS Belize gives opportunities for writers to express themselves about digital, innovation, and entrepreneurship through our blog. It is a way to share knowledge and to connect people to each other. You can submit your articles here. See you!

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