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There is a growing sense of excitement at TAS Belize as our team is putting together more opportunities to connect businesses and individuals with each other. At TAS Belize, We provide a space for vibrant entrepreneurial innovation. We have the courage to shape a better future. We turn passion into action, adding value at every opportunity. TAS Belize is excited to share its ever growing opportunities with you.

If you’re ready to use your talent, creativity, and innovative journey to make business & brand sense for some amazing entrepreneurs, innovators, and business owners; then prove it to us–send us a cover letter, your CV, work sample, whatever you think demonstrates your commitment and contribution. Join a team that’s passionate about building a healthy business community.

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TAS Belize Limited is a strategic marketing and growing digital innovation agency whose mission is to provide a space for vibrant entrepreneurial innovation.

As a growing organization, we welcome the help and knowledge of interns who are willing to wholeheartedly devote their time and knowledge towards safeguarding, promoting, and enforcing our main mission and purpose. TAS extends a call to interested persons to volunteer as interns through TAS Belize Internship Program. We developed this program for students to gain practical training and hands-on, real-world experience that will help them meet their educational goals and prepare them for a professional career.

Interns will be responsible for:

  • Respecting the rules and regulations for TAS staff, proper work ethics, and proper dress codes for the task assigned.
  • Signing an NDA

Additionally, International interns are responsible for:

  • All travel arrangements to and from Belize including visas and other travel documents and transportation costs.
  • Coverage of all their meals and accommodation in Belize.
  • Receiving vaccination for COVID, Tetanus, and a Tuberculosis skin test, and providing confirmation to TAS Belize of acquisition of these.
  • Signing a disclaimer that relieves TAS Belize of any responsibilities to interns traveling on their own or interns who decide to part take in activities outside of those specified by their supervisor

TAS Belize will be responsible to:

  • Provide a bicycle means of transport to get to the office and around Belmopan. (For International Interns only)
  • Provide a local number for communication while in Belize. (For International Interns only)
  • Provide trained personnel to work and guide the intern during their stay
  • Offer a secure working environment to the interns
  • Answer any queries or concerns about their assigned task or responsibilities
  • Provide a certificate of achievement upon successful completion of the program.

How to qualify:

  • Must be 18 years and over
  • Must speak English
  • Must be a student or recent graduate (12 months or less)
  • Must have an educational background in a field related to our services
  • Proof of being a recent graduate (original or certified copy of diploma or degree)

How to Apply:
Interested person should submit a letter of inquiry stating:

  • Reason for applying to the internship program
  • A brief summary of educational and professional background, any previous volunteer work, and what he/she expects to gain through the internship.
  • Submit Resume, along with any other merits of qualification or experience. Including references is encouraged
  • Submit a medical certificate signed by a practicing physician stating health status including any allergies, or medication requirements, and prove of standard vaccines against tropical pathogens if needed. (For International Interns only)
  • Indicate what area or department would you like to work in at TAS Belize?
  • Answer what you hope to get from the internship?
  • The Application package should be e-mailed to & Cc 

Sign Up for TAS Belize Refer & Earn Program

Want to make some easy CASH? It’s simple! Sign up & become a member of TAS Belize refer and earn program; Then start telling your friends about TAS Belize services & you can earn easy cash when your friend use one of our services.

TAS Belize’s “REFER & EARN”Terms & conditions:

  • Must be 18 or older to become a member.
  • A member will receive payment for every new person referred by them to TAS Belize, not for the number of jobs the referred person purchases.
  • A member will receive 5% of the total paid by the referred person each time a new friend is referred to TAS Belize.
  • Payment will only be made out if the referral is a confirmed purchase and only after TAS Belize receives the required 50% deposit.
  • In order for a member to receive their referral payment, the referred person must mention the member’s name and referral code. This is so TAS Belize can confirm the member and can contact the person for payment arrangement.
  • If a member refers 15 or more new persons to TAS Belize their referral payment will increase to 7% of the amount purchased by the referred person.
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TAS Belize partners with non-profits, churches, various organizations, and the community at large by offering in-kind services. In order to receive TAS sponsorship, the initiative must be an event or cause that gives back to the community.

Terms & Conditions

  1. A letter from the organizer of the event/ cause must be submitted to TAS Belize
  2. All designs, video, and radio ads sponsored by TAS Belize must give reference to TAS Belize & include logo
  3. The sponsorship will be added to our website, social media networks & blog
  4. The letter should be e-mailed to

TAS Belize gives opportunities for writers to express themselves about digital, innovation, and entrepreneurship through our blog. It is a way to share knowledge and to connect people to each other. Do you want to become a TAS writer? Please, fill the form below.

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