The Top 3 Apps For Staying Social While Social Distancing

Let’s just be straight-up honest. This whole quarantine thing ain’t it. Even the introverts have started complaining. Unfortunately, this whole COVID-19 situation has only gotten worse and the world’s scrambling to keep it under control. At this point, the end of this whole quarantine life is unpredictable and despite it being the best solution to prevent the virus from spreading, it’s causing people to feel isolated and lonely.

Luckily for us, we’re not dependent on the outside world or an old Nokia phone with a limited amount of texts and phone calls, to have human interaction. Ahhh yes, we’re living in the beautiful age of the Internet where we can find a multitude of free apps to connect with one another whenever and however we like! From face-timing to screen sharing to even music sharing, these are the top 3 apps to help you stay social while social distancing.

#1.) Rave, the app for sync party at home while self-isolation

Okay so maaaybe  going to an actual wild party has never been on your list of things you consider fun but the Rave app allows you to party at home without being in a clustered room like a pack of tin sausages. The Rave app allows you to sync YouTube videos, Netflix movies, content from Vimeo, Reddit, Google Drive and more with your friends in real-time! Allowing you to have home karaoke, dance parties in your own houses and movie nights! This app is available on both android and ios for free. Take that quarantine.

#2.) Discord, the app for group activities staying at home

Discord has got to be one of my personal favorite social apps. Although it’s known for being an “app for gamers” It’s perfect for doing anything group related. The app allows you to video call, voice chat, text and stream whatever you’re currently doing. Whether that might be playing a game, watching a video, listening to Spotify, you can go live in your group chat and allow your friends to see! This app is available on both android and ios for free. Quarantine ain’t got nothing on this app.

#3.) Houseparty, the app for the best quarantine party

Houseparty is a video chatting app with a split-screen feature that accommodates up to 8 different friends or family members. It really gives off the vibe of having a small get together with the closest people in your life despite how far apart you all are. It’s free and available on both android and ios. Who says you can’t have fun as a group during quarantine?


Quarantine may be a drag and is keeping us from physically being able to spend time with our friends and family members but in this digital age, we’re capable of adapting and finding innovative ways of staying connected and social. The tools are there and they’re free, let’s use them. Stay safe and remember we’re all in this together!

This article submitted by Alysia Norales

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