Digital Marketing Tips that Will Help Your Brand During the Crisis

Sometimes circumstances are unpredictable and life can suddenly change; the COVID-19 pandemic is such a time. Currently, the entire world is facing an unprecedented crisis that has crippled economies across the globe. Many businesses have had to close their doors and were either severely or mildly affected by the loss of income, firing of staff, or drastic decreases in their baseline customer sign-ups. The COVID-19 virus has outstretched its touch of death and sickness across the entire world; it does not respect borders, race, wealth, political position, environment, climate, age, or social status. No one has been excluded from this fight for survival. Fortunately, in any event there is a glimpse of hope that always pervades even after a long battle.

A solution to face the crisis

coronavirus crisis

I have developed some helpful marketing tips that may be beneficial during this time. Due to the fact that our economy is experiencing pitfalls and setbacks; as its borders are closed, the tourism sector along with many other financial sectors are at a standstill and financial incomes of thousands of families across the country have been affected. Developing new strategies on how to effectively connect and strengthen our bonds with our potential and current customers during this time can be valuable. One problem that businesses may face is a decrease in client sign up or sales from their services, products, or skills. Fortunately, we can use this time to grow our digital audiences by changing the way social media posts are distributed or designed.

Marketing tips easy to set up

family posts

Place great photographs with family-oriented settings, share positive steps towards protecting the environment, share positive quotes written by yourself and other inspiring individuals, offer volunteer or monetary help to organizations who are donating to the cause and share more regularly with newer and smaller online groups.

Another great idea is to share how your business is being innovative in moving towards ‘plastic-free’ methods or environmentally friendly business practices. Knowing when to advertise on sales, promotions, and or new products is crucial during this time. Build on the foundation you have, and created new strategic marketing ideas. 


Our economy is slowly reopening, a lot of hurdles still await and obstacles will have to be faced. Success may be easy to regain for some, hard for others, and close to impossible for some but remember it is not impossible to change business angles, add a twist on new/current products, remove or enhance current products, services, and skills or start with new ideas. Remember that, ‘Dreams may flutter away with the breaking dawn but when the moon rises again; a new dream is born.’

Article submitted by Melanie Contreras, Digital Innovative Creator at Lexi Online

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