3 powerful ways to boost your business in pandemic times

Everyone has been affected by the COVID-19 virus. This is true as well for every business. Some of them have earned more money but let’s be honest, it’s a rough time for most of us

A lot of companies have closed their doors to the public, and have turned to online solutions in order to continue to do business. While this is great, it has increased the competition on the Internet. 

If your business has a boutique or an office, it’s difficult to get people to go inside. Your clients prefer to stay at home. And if you are online, it is more and more difficult for your company to be seen. Standing out from the crowd is needed, NOW!

1) Having a powerful website

Only two-thirds of small businesses have a website. However, your online visibility depends on this digital window. An efficient and effective website has an awesome design, a user-friendly interface, and the appropriate keywords. 

It helps you in:

  • Having credibility. A nice decoration in an office or a store gives you importance. It is the same with your website.
  • Being seen. Thanks to Google, your pages can reach a lot of people. This phenomenon is called “Search Engine Optimization”. You need to boost it.
  • Finding new clients. Your store attracts people around you, from your city or district. Your website has a national perhaps international scop.

Do you have your fantastic website? Great! If not, you can get one here. But it is not enough to expand your visibility.

2) Creating a clever social media strategy

Everybody knows it, the power of social media is huge. But do you take advantage of it? Doing social media marketing is not as easy as it seems. The more your business is on social media, the more your potential clients see you. And that’s a marvelous thing for your turnover! Let’s see the way to improve your social media presence

  • Having a strategy. You need to create a mood for your posts, a way to speak, and some colors. This way your potential clients can recognize you. You also have to define a release rhythm. 
  • Adapting each content to each platform. For instance, a caption on Facebook doesn’t really need hashtags, meanwhile, you have to use it on Instagram and LinkedIn. Some tools, as Creator Studio, can help you to manage your posts. 
  • Being present on most of the social media. The more the merrier. But, you need to identify which platform is the best for your business to focus your efforts on it. 

Doing experiments is the best way to increase your business social media potential. Some appealing graphic designs can help too. Or to advertise.

3) Creating a catchy advertising

If I tell you “soda”, what are you thinking first? Bingo, Coca-Cola. Your brain remembers this brand because it is promoted a lot, on billboards, TV, social media… Their commercials are very distinctive. Coca uses bright colors, energizing music, and appeals to emotions. And you, what do you do? You do drink Coca-Cola. 

You too can separate your brand from the crowd, thanks to:

  • Having an advertising display. Using billboards, and a punchy design, your brand might be seen. But, in this pandemic times, there are other more impactful solutions.
  • Creating an ad for TV. People are more and more at home. They spend time on TV. Creating a video ad, and transmitting it on local TV is now affordable.
  • Announcing on the radio. What better way to get stuck in your prospective clients’ heads than a radio jingle? Your announcement can be spread in your area, but also your country, bringing you new clients. 

Your work is valuable, otherwise, you won’t do it. It’s a pity that it doesn’t have the opportunity to get recognized by as many people as it could. Give your business a chance to attract a maximum of customers to increase your visibility. Invest in marketing!

We have a solution for every budget. Let’s keep in touch!

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