The Top 5 Technological Advancements that Completely Changed Everything

So if you’re anything like me, the only reason you’ve even held a newspaper recently is for craft-making, pictures, or that one weird school project with homemade glue and newspaper strips (I know I can’t be the only one who remembers this). Alongside this, the last time you wrote a letter, and I mean physically took a pen or pencil and wrote on paper, it was graded.

See society evolves every single time we make technological advancements. If we ought to make comparisons between society today and society just 50 to 60 years ago, we’d see some major differences in communication, advertising, trends, and so on (as if we didn’t already know this from the constant lectures we receive from our parents). Let us reflect on the few things that apparently caused our parents to live unbearable lives due to the lack of them. Here are the Top 5 Technological Advancements that Have Completely Changed Everything.

#1.) The Internet

the internet

Might as well start off with the obvious. When good old Mr. Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in the 90’s it dramatically changed everything. The internet provides us with this massive, wild library of unending information (With an emphasis on the word wild, please ensure the kids are actually doing homework). In addition to being a huge source of information, it’s also a platform to find global news reports, do shopping, find entertainment, and socialize. It’s everything you need and it’s only a few clicks away!

#2.) Mobile phones

mobile phones

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about these (NOT! I can’t even leave the house without it). First made by the Motorola company in 1973, mobile phones are the addicting devices we just can’t put down. They are the gadgets that apparently “ruined the world” according to our parents and grandparents. Rather than focusing on the negatives though, mobile phones have proven to be truly exceptional at making our lives more simple. Gone are the days of the old payphone or memorizing phone numbers or being stranded somewhere without a single means of communication. Thanks to mobile phones, it’s quite easy to reach out to people, plus the internet is now in the palm of your hands (Use it wisely). If you’re in the process of upgrading or buying your first smartphone, Click here to read an article written by quite an exceptional woman of intellect, on things to consider before doing just that.

#3.)Personal Computers

personal computers

Now I don’t know about you, but I love PCs, probably even more than I love smartphones. The first Personal Computer was created by Ed Roberts in 1975, may God bless his soul. PCs, just like smartphones allow access to generally the same things. Communication, Internet, and entertainment are all great but what I truly love about PCs is how useful it is when it comes to data management and storage (Plus even if you’re secretly slacking off, it still looks as if you’re doing something pretty important). If you’re anything like me you save all of your personal files, old pictures, and important documents on your laptop (instead of in creaky cabinets like the old days), and you basically use it all the time for “work-related” things.

#4.) Robots and Artificial Intelligence

We’ve all heard it before at this point, “Robots are going to take over the world.”, “Robots are going to leave us jobless.”, “Some other third thing about robots.” and quite frankly, I agree. Robots and AI are way better at handling manual labor than humans simply because they’re more efficient and will eventually even be smarter than us. Robots are currently being used to deal with things such as customer service, scheduling flights, cleaning houses, controlling lights. I mean eventually, they’ll probably be able to do everything that we can do and better for that matter. That is why this girl is majoring in IT so she’s guaranteed to have a job no matter what happens (Ha take that robots!).

#5.)Electronic Banking

electronic banking

Believe it or not, before the electronic age, people did banking…on paper. Just thinking about it gives me the chills I mean, imagine sitting down having to keep track of all those documents. Back then, the lines were probably way longer too since the process would be significantly slower. Thankfully, the first paperless system was set up in 1972 and we don’t have to go through that type of trouble. In-fact the whole process has been made even easier since now we can simply do transactions and transfers online right from the comfort of our homes. Thankfully for us, online banking is becoming the new norm worldwide. Ahhh I can already hear the lecture I’m going to get when I explain this to my grandpa.


The world keeps on changing and getting better every time we make new technological advancements. Our lives continue to get simpler as we progress, in terms of work and education, and even our home life due to the time and effort these tech-savvy people put into creating new things. In the next few decades or so the world as we know it may undergo even more incredibly huge changes and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to face them all and be able to lecture my own children someday about how privileged they are.

This article submitted by Alyssa Norales

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