Once Upon a Time… Your Company

Among the multitude of advertisements confronting consumers, your brand has to be different. This way, your future client will remember you. Telling the story of your brand is an effective way to distinguish you.

Why storytelling?

Since the beginning of time, people told stories to preserve culture, make sense of their world and share what’s learned with others. The power of stories is to connect people. Think about the last time you were with your relatives; I’m pretty sure you related your day’s experience in a story form. When you meet new people, you recount the story of your life. Stories create an identity and make you recognizable.

Stories create emotions

The power of words is huge. It conveys information. It conveys emotion. Words can make your consumers love your brand or hate it. And you can influence the way your prospective client perceives you. By choosing a viewpoint, you can define the identity you want to showcase. Go for your best story.

Your story distinguishes you

In addition, creating emotion, stories create attention. Brains remember better narratives than simple facts. If I tell you the Sun is 864,400 miles from our planet, you won’t remember it. But if I say this is about 109 times the diameter of Earth, you will memorize it. Storytelling helps your brand to create a strong relationship with your clients.

To put it in a nutshell, words create meaning. Meaning leads to emotion. And what does control decisions? You got it. Emotion. Storytelling is not an option. It is the key to your brand message.

Article submitted by Susie Lou Maksud, TAS Belize intern from France

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