Meet Karina Bol, CMD’s Season 5 Guest

There’s no time like the present to take advantage of technology and invest in the betterment of yourself and your business. This is Karina Bol’s firm belief and has been her source of motivation for several years now. Karina is a self-driven and determined businesswoman who has overcome many hurdles on her path to success. With a desire to assist others in having a more efficient and easier journey, her business “Giggedbz Ltd” came to form.

Karina is proudly Belizean and has furthered her education in Taiwan, where she now resides. There, she has been exposed to the various advantages of technology in business, specifically for service providers. Now, Karina’s mission is to bring this advantage to businesses in Belize. As the founder and director of Giggedbz Ltd, she has created a platform that focuses on offering service providers more options to earn an income online by connecting on a local, regional, and international basis.

To add a bit of insight to Karina’s background, she has noted that she grew up in a humble and hardworking home, with both parents being in the service providers’ business realm. In addition, she is one of six siblings and as such was driven to find alternate means, apart from her parents, in order to further her education. Karina was able to accomplish this great feat through scholarships and being employed while attending school. Her most recent academic accomplishment is earning her Master of Business Administration Degree, Ming Chuan University, after having earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting at the University of Belize. Through Karina’s exposure and experiences gained, she seeks to assist Belizean service providers in making their skills well known to the public locally, regionally, and internationally — helping entrepreneurs and businesses alike earn a steady source of income through the proper utilization of her incredible platform.

You can watch the full episode or listen to commercial-free audio here.

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