Meet Edwina Delamore, CMD’s Season 5 Guest

Edwina is an ambitious business owner who is deeply rooted in her origins and cultural heritage. As a self–driven leader, Edwina believes strongly in paving the path for future generations as well as encouraging the younger generations to coach their elders on modernity and coping in today’s society. Edwina also focuses on the further development of startup businesses in the Caribbean region, as this is her place of origin. Currently, she is invested in the success and longevity of her business, Carib Invest TV. Her channel focuses on educating its viewers about the journey of startups, practicality in the workplace, the importance of self-motivated employees, and using social media, streaming, etc. to your advantage. In addition to investing in herself and her business, Edwina boasts over fifteen (15) years in the Banking, Logistics and Supply Chain, and Technology Payment Industries. By profession, she is now an accomplished Project Manager, Finance Specialist, Speaker, and Columnist. To add to her long list of accomplishments, she has also attained certifications in the Finance field and attended a course in relation to International and Intercultural Communication.

Providing insight into Edwina’s background, she was born in St. Marteen, but also considers herself as half Bajan and half Aruban, due to her parent’s place of birth. However, she chose to migrate to Europe at the age of twenty (20) and has made a life and family for herself in that region of the world. Throughout the years, her focus remains the same as it relates to assisting in the development of prominent startups in the Caribbean. Her driving passion is for this region of the world to be seen as more than just “sun, sand and sea”, being known for its investment opportunities as well. Edwina believes that this can be accomplished, and will be made possible through Carib Invest TV as it becomes a dedicated and informative channel that educates its audience to adapt to a business mindset – ultimately becoming the “Bloomberg” of the Caribbean. Edwina also believes that having an effective and efficient team is one of the most important elements of a successful business, as team members are the individuals who assist in taking your business to the next level and should be treated with such importance and regard.

You can watch the full episode or listen to commercial-free audio here.

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