Meet Abner Murillo, CMD’s Season 5 Guest

Abner’s story starts with humble beginnings in Belize and has developed into a success story of a thriving young entrepreneur. From an early age, Abner believed that once a business opportunity presents itself, it must be taken. As a budding entrepreneur, Abner has grasped every opportunity with both hands. He recalls his journey in business beginning in his early years in elementary school, where he would purchase stickers and candies, reselling them to his classmates to make a profit. This aptitude for business and entrepreneurial ambition has now evolved into the success he is today, as he is now the founder and owner of two thriving businesses. Lock N’ Loaded, his Firearms Dealership, currently has three (3) branches across Belize and is becoming a prosperous, expanding business. His second business, TMT Distributors Company, also had humble beginnings and has now flourished into a tremendous success. Along with business partners, through TMT Distributors Company Abner has been able to branch out to the smartphone industry in larger markets such as China, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

With all the success Abner is experiencing, one might assume his family origin is of a distinct business background. However, Abner has explained that neither of his parents were entrepreneurs or business owners. With that, his venture into the business world began with the trial and error phase of numerous business startups before achieving his current success. Apart from his two current business endeavors, Abner has also ventured into the music and entertainment industry as well as clothing retail. Through these startups, he gained an abundance of knowledge and experience in the process of starting up and sustaining a business.

Having relocated to the United States to pursue his dreams, Abner has learned how to handle the many hardships and victories of being a young entrepreneur. He now does his best to motivate other entrepreneurs and encourage them in their process. Throughout his journey, Abner has had his fair share of roadblocks to success but never allowed them to hold him back. Through experiences such as engaging the wrong business partners and making lifestyle choices that inhibited his success, he has gained wisdom that has not only contributed to the current success of his endeavors but has also solidified his faith. With determination and perseverance, Abner has overcome each challenge that was presented to him and believes that anyone can be the best in what they do, by taking advantage of the opportunities presented to them and having God as the ultimate guide.

You can watch the full episode or listen to commercial-free audio here.

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