Meet Andrea Rodriguez, CMD’s Season 5 Guest

Some love to read, while others love to write. Andrea Rodriguez is an author at heart and by profession, writing to motivate her readers and provide them with devotions, guides, and inspiration for a successful business and personal life. Though in her youth she was disheartened by feedback from peers and teachers, accused of plagiarism, and told that her writing was too advanced for her age, she rose above the circumstances and continued to strive for excellence. Andrea overcame the shadow of criticism, and with the reassurance of her family, she now lives a life full of purpose. Their constant support convinced her that she could be the accomplished author she is today.

Throughout her career, Andrea has worn several hats. Apart from being an author, she is also a business owner, speaker, and show host. Currently, she is the founder and owner of two business ventures, “Woman Devoted” and “Kuchriments”. In addition to the successful publication of her devotional, Andrea has also issued “Kriol” calendars and agendas, along with merchandise and various other projects including an incredible blog. 

In addition to being an impassioned writer, Andrea is also passionate about her faith, women’s empowerment, and the preservation of culture and language. This emerging theme is witnessed throughout her career, with each of her projects being centered around empowering women and celebrating Belizean culture, all while incorporating Biblical insights. As she moves forward in her business journey, she also uses her platforms of writing, blogging, television, mentorship, and volunteer work to encourage women to venture into the business sector and explore their options to generate income. Andrea utilizes her women’s Bible study group, the “Woman Devoted Circle”, to create awareness in women and also motivate them to aim for spiritual, emotional, and financial success.

You can watch the full episode or listen to commercial-free audio here.

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