Revisiting your Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Disaster: What Did You Do When Social Media Crashed?

When social media platforms went dark on October 4th, time stood still. Businesses were cut off from their customers, forced to pause their marketing schedules as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp outages affected users across the globe. Later that week, on October 8th, when these apps flickered off and on once again it only reinforced how much our businesses depend on these platforms on a daily basis.

These widespread problems across Facebook and its family of apps rendered many businesses unable to take orders and connect with customers – which in turn, affected their incomes. While the apps were inaccessible worldwide, small business owners lost hundreds, even thousands of dollars in a matter of hours! Though all four platforms are now back online and fully functioning, what remains is the need for a challenging conversation: are you ready to revisit your marketing strategy?

Alternative Options: More Direct Digital Marketing

Madeline Sensible, a Content Manager and Marketing Specialist, sheds some light on the evident need to use more direct marketing channels: 

“It’s amazing to me that we are very reliant on these channels, and this shows the importance of leaning towards more channels like email, SMS, and just the more direct channels that don’t have something as big and powerful as Facebook on the other end.” 

– Madeline Sensible, Content Manager of Lisa Says Gah

There could be no better time for businesses to revisit and revitalize their marketing strategies! As we all must accept that Facebook and its family of apps are not invincible, we look to alternative options for digital marketing. Perhaps, we can all begin to consider more direct forms of digital marketing, in an effort to not put all our “eggs in one basket”.

  • Mailing List:  Email marketing can be very successful when used strategically. It’s never too late to start compiling a mailing list, and begin reaching your subscriber’s inbox with company news and useful content. 
  • Mobile List: The use of Instant Message Marketing is only increasing, as more and more companies have started to send notifications to individuals via SMS or Instant Messaging Apps. Compiling a list of Mobile numbers to contact clients manually or via a third-party application is always a wise practice in modern-day marketing!
  • Media/ PR: Gaining publicity online is always an excellent way to convey marketing messages to prospective clients or customers. In addition to social media mentions, this includes online press releases and connecting with influencers, journalists, and bloggers to increase a positive online presence.
  • Website: A website is a tried-and-true method of digital marketing. Not only does it represent your business on the internet, it also makes for the perfect place to advertise your services or products, connect with your customers, and ultimately make more sales.
  • Mobile App: In the age of smartphones, a mobile app is an excellent way to stay constantly connected with customers. Push notifications from the mobile app will notify users of products, services, reminders, and sales, while the app itself can increase visibility and help customers contact you easily.

Are you ready to revisit your marketing strategy?

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