‘Masketing’ Not just a social responsibility but a marketing opportunity

Joining health and marketing

At TAS Belize, health is our priority. Not just the health of businesses, but also the health of those who work within the business.

We are purposefully creating a Healthy Business Community. It is what we do, every day, creating meaningful connections with our partners and going beyond what it is. Therefore, we know that in this pandemic time, it is not enough. We need to contribute in fostering our local community’s health. It is why everybody has to wear a mask in our office. Likewise when we are meeting you at your place. 

But let’s face it, surgical masks are hideous, and might pollute our environment. Masks are not comfortable. We use it to stay safe. But, at TAS, our masks are more than only hygiene. It is a commitment to our community. We ordered hand-make personalized masks with our logo.

If we have to use a mask during these times, we can do it with style! 

Mervin Budram, CEO of TAS Belize

Showing a real commitment

Wearing this mask shows directly our commitment to: 

  • supporting local businesses: Lindz Handmade Treasures sewed it for us in her workshop in Belmopan
  • being eco-friendly: our masks are plastic-free and washable. We are contributing to preserving the beauty of Belize 
  • promoting good health practices: our masks are covering our mouth and nose

Despite these times, we use our creativity to take advantage of the situation. Usually, we showcase our brand values on the Internet through our website, and on social media. This time, we are doing that directly in the streets through our facial masks. We turned passion into action, adding value at every opportunity.

We use the same ardor to help our partners to connect to their clients.

Are you ready to take control of your brand identity?

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