Meet Clara Plett, CMD’s Season 5 Guest

The Creative Monday Discussion Show has seen its 5th season and the guests are Fire!, In episode 2, Mervin sits down with Clara Plett, a Belizean business owner making her mark on the health scene.

Clara is an incredible businesswoman who has transformed her life and that of countless others by transitioning from a housewife into a successful entrepreneur. It has been said that if God calls you to do something, there is no fighting it — it will eventually consume you and become your passion. Clara is no exception! Since childhood, Clara was passionate about healthcare. She recalls being that person her peers could run to with any medical issues. After many years, she has now turned that passion into a flourishing business.

Clara believes that holistic and natural forms of treatment should be the first option before one turns to pharmaceutical remedies. She has spent years building and networking with other individuals who are doctors by profession, such as neurologists and oncologists, to aid in perfecting her craft and the effectiveness of the products sold by her business. Clara is now the owner of Shining Star Health Center, a clinic based on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through proper diet, exercise, rest, and healthy relationships as well as healing illnesses through holistic and natural remedies.  Apart from being an entrepreneur, Clara is also a wife and mother who was raised in a strong-faith Mennonite community in Belize. In this community, it is the cultural norm for women to be the caretakers of the home, as men are responsible to “bring home the bread”. However, Clara wanted more, and more is what she achieved along with the support of her loved ones.

Revolutionizing beliefs and practices of generations past, Clara started her clinic. To this day, Clara is very much still upholding her faith and belief in God, stating that he has called her to this profession. She has also attended and completed relevant online courses and was even an EMT at the age of seventeen (17) for a duration of five (5) years. In addition, she has gained many years of experience through direct communication with doctors both locally and internationally in order to be well versed with illnesses people may face due to lifestyle choices. Through this, Clara has developed her incredible natural remedies at Shining Star Health Center. By venturing out to start this business, she made the impossible become possible as she realized she had been her own hindrance. Only she was standing in the way of the great success she is today!

You can watch the full episode or listen to a commercial-free audio here:

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