Meet Tamara Mon Loius, CMD’s Season 5 Guests

The Creative Monday Discussion Show Kicked off its 5th season on April 4th, with the dynamic Tamara Mon Louis. Tamara is a vibrant Trinidadian woman, who has gone from watching entrepreneurs on the television to becoming an entrepreneur herself, and a successful one at that. She believes and is guided by the mantra that we need to “work smartly, not work hard”. This is a concept that most modern entrepreneurs could relate to, due to the advanced arenas required to start-up, market, and manage businesses, navigating them in a profitable direction. Now based in the United States, Tamara is the founder of Monivan Digital Marketing Solutions, and has contributed greatly to the public education of digital marketing through the Clubhouse Show with a series entitled “Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends at 7”. The series showcased three hundred sixty-five (365) episodes in its first season, through which Tamara and her team provided tips and steps to take as entrepreneurs to excel in digital marketing and ultimately in their businesses.

In her career, Tamara has worked with influential and affluent organizations in developing their brands and online presence, such as TravelClick, Hilton Worldwide, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Pearson Education. Positions which Tamara has held range from that of graphic designer, digital strategist, marketing specialist, senior project manager, and manager of e-commerce strategy to now being an Executive Director – Digital Strategy. In her childhood, Tamara’s incredible support system set the foundation for this success — namely, the values and morals instilled by her father. Two of the significant skills that have translated from her upbringing into her business are being a diligent critical thinker and being extremely observant, which are two of the greatest contributions to her ongoing success.

As it relates to her academic accomplishments, Tamara has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Rutgers University, and a Professional Certification in Digital Media Marketing, New York University. Combining her experience and qualifications, Tamara has proven to be a very influential businesswoman who aims to assist her community through her company and talk shows to venture into the digital marketing realm and provides methods, strategies, and solutions which are developed to make success possible through proper implementation. Tamara is all about knowing your community and building it — she also centralizes on how Caribbean entrepreneurs can use digital marketing to grow and develop their businesses.

You can watch the full episode or listen to a commercial-free audio here:

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