Meet Carla Mendoza, CMD’s Season 5 Guest

Carla is a strong-minded individual who exudes confidence as she proactively advocates the importance of having a healthier mind, body, and soul through a holistic approach provided by her business. She is the owner and founder of NaturalLean Belize, which is a business supporting physical, mental, and spiritual health, from the inside out. Promoting clean eating and positive lifestyles, Carla specializes in weight loss and improving client confidence. Her business, NaturalLean, was developed based on a journey of her own through which she was able to successfully transform her physical and mental health. Carla believes in the importance of finding balance in life, both personal and professional. Through her business, she acts as a coach and motivator to her clients who she forms healthy business relationships with — which aids in the success of each client’s individual growth as well as the continued success of her growing business.

Carla was once a Highschool Teacher by profession, specializing in the subject of Food and Nutrition. This empowered her to first guide herself through her weight loss journey and maintain a healthy, positive mentality throughout the process. Now, this experience plays a key role in Carla’s ability to create meal plans and assist her clients as they transition to healthier lifestyles. As a results-driven individual, Carla’s testimonials come from herself as well as those who have fully committed to her program. Success is evident in her client’s transformations, not only in their physique but also in their enhanced mindsets. Carla has noted that the business journey has not been an easy one, but it is one that is self-gratifying as is a witness and driving force in the improvement of her clients’ lives.

You can watch the full episode or listen to commercial-free audio here.

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