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As school reopened at the tail end of August, and the multitude of students once again embarked on another year of virtual learning, they could only reminisce on the days of in-person teaching and the social connections and interactions they use to make among friends and faculty. It goes without saying that online learning comes with its own share of challenges, as everything else does. Short attention spans, poor internet signal, malfunctioning devices, limited time for active learning sessions, … the list goes on. But even with all these challenges, most of our youths find ways to figure them out and overcome them.

Still, there are others who, try as they may, cannot surpass some of these obstacles that this pandemic has brought on.  Homes, livelihoods, health, and so much more have been affected. The impact is not only felt by the parents, politicians, hustlers, and business owners out there. It trickles down to the vulnerable.

The unfortunate truth is that while many are still able to get by, many more are struggling. Some parents were not able to purchase the mandatory devices for their children to attend school this year. Some were only able to afford one and have their children juggling their schedules. Others were not able to purchase any at all. One of our fundamental rights is education. What happens when this right is compromised because of circumstances beyond one’s control?

Here at TAS Belize, we believe that we have the power to shape a better future. In fact, it is our corporate responsibility to do so.  We value every opportunity to be able to turn passion into action and add value to the lives of others. It is our duty to help whenever we can and in whatever way we can. This month, our team purchased two tablets and decided to seek out and assist 2 students who have a passion for learning but are hindered by the lack of resources. These tablets may seem minuscule or insignificant to some. But to these kids, they open the door to their educational rights. We are honored to be able to meet this need and look forward to doing more. We are committed to building better societies by focusing on individuals and families who need medical health care assistance, student scholarships for children across Belize, and youth empowerment programs within Belize.

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