TAS Belize Staff Day 2015

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The staff of TAS Belize Limited enjoyed an amazing snorkeling and diving experience with Tuff Enuff Tours in San Pedro for their 2015 staff day. 

Here’s are a few brief testimonials from our staff to you: 

“I don’t really have much to say about the trip to San Pedro other than it was AWESOME, the place was not as expected. The tour operator knew what he was doing and was right with every instruction he gave. Being under the sea looking at all the amazing stuff was breath taking. With that being said just want to give Tuff En Nuff company and tour guide, Bill, a huge thank you.” – Elden Standford 

“Thank you Tuff E-Nuff Tours for an amazing time in San Pedro. I’m in love with the sea and even though I am not the best swimmer it had always been a dream of mine to go scuba diving. You made that happen. Our tour guides, Billy and Ariel, were amazing. Billy not only showed us a great time but also educated us about several of the protected areas that we visited. I definitely felt welcomed and would recommend Tuff E-nuff Tours to anyone looking for a memorable experience.” – David Daniel 

“Thanks to everyone for a great experience! I have wanted to go to the island all summer and finally got that chance. The scuba diving was the best experience as much as it was scary at some points. The tour guide was excellent and funny. Kept me interested in what he was saying and taught me the importance of our barrier reef for both aquatic life and to us. Would love to do it again.” – Glenn Roaden

”This is INCREDIBLE’ are the words that continued to ring throughout my mind during the scuba diving venture. Bill kept me calm when fear wanted to take over. His confidence that everything was going to be just fine gave me the assurance that I needed. This is trip enlightened my eyes to see a part of God’s creation that I had only seen on TV. And I must say it’s breathtaking in person. Thank you for a glorious time above and under the crisp blue Belizean waters.” – Briston X Burns 

To say the least; the aquatic experience will have a lasting impact on all of TAS Belize Limited for years to come. 

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