Who We Are

We are a family-run full-service digital marketing firm

We create websites, produce engaging videos, design and develop innovative digital user experiences that solve complex business problems.

We connect innovators and entrepreneurs to ideas and each other.

We help you to foster your innovative mind while providing you marketing solutions, such as graphic design, video and audio production.

Meet The Team

With more than 10 years of experience, our passionate team works with you, side by side, to help you to invest your time, your energy and your money into meaningful solutions.

Mervin Budram

Creative Director

Ruth Budram

Managing Director

Garett Samuels

Visual Creator

Susie Maksud

Social Media Manager

Our Story

From humble beginnings producing radio jingles on a laptop in a couch to a leading digital business serving clients throughout Belize, the Caribbean, and the USA… read the TAS Belize story.

We are specialists with fresh eyes allowing us to drive towards a new point of view on your future.

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Our Culture

At TAS Belize we understand that culture is essential in shaping the life and sustainability of our organization’s long-term success. Our organizational culture, which is structured around our core values, drives our attitudes towards how we serve our clients, execute our work and reach our long-term goals.

Some of our clients

Corporate Responsibility

At TAS Belize, we are passionate about building a healthy business community; knowing that ultimately a healthy business community will translate into a healthy society. Every day, we use our understanding of people – what inspires, influences, excites and moves them to action – to transform society at scale, in a responsible way. The ideas we have, the innovations we create and the partnerships we develop… all have a ripple effect that changes the lives of the people in the communities that we serve. Moreover, the way we lead, communicate, innovate, collaborate, operate and deliver value is grounded in our core values and shared business ethics.

We’re building better societies by focusing on giving attention to individuals and families who need medical health care assistance, student scholarship for children across Belize, and youth empowerment programs within Belize. New technologies, combined with our partnerships and the passion of our people, are transforming the way we work—enabling us to change not just one life but the lives of many for the better.