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Customer satisfaction is important to us. We work hard to address your concerns and to ensure that our clients are satisfied. It is with this in mind that our team has implemented a new web support ticketing system.

How does it work? Well, it’s easy! You can click on the link below or visit the ‘Contact Us’ tab here on our site. Next, go to ‘How can we help you?’, and click the ‘Submit a Ticket’ button. This will open a web support form that you can fill out with your request and submit to our support team.  

Why the Change? This new system will create a ticket in our support team’s work station. This means that:

  • Requests will be submitted and addressed in an orderly fashion 
  • Requests will be addressed in a timelier and efficient manner
  • Requests will not be overlooked in an inbox
  • Better records of requested and provided support will kept

Your needs are important to us. It’s always a pleasure serving you, our clients, as we continue to build great things together!

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