Celebrating Our Unsung Heroes

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Why is it that the shortest month in the year is the only one dedicated to love? Even though the month of February had quickly come to an end, that didn’t mean that we needed to stop sharing the love. In a world where big names often take the spotlight, our true heroes tend to get lost in the midst of the hullabaloo. But in the month of March, a month in which we choose to recognize and celebrate the efforts and hard work of our national heroes, we didn’t want to forget about the ones who work hard behind the scenes to make it easier for the rest of us to sleep at night.

This is why for the Month of March, TAS Belize is remembering to honor our unsung heroes, by offering 15% off on website development services to schools, NGOs, and Non-profits. Let us also take the time to honor and recognize those unsung heroes in our lives, not only for the month of March but every day.

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