Plett’s Home Builders Infomercial

Established in 1999, Plett’s Home Builders have always been problem solvers. Founder & owner, Harvey Plett, recognized a problem. Having few answers, he decided to embark on becoming the solution and opened the doors of Plett’s Home Builders. With no one else providing movable houses, Plett’s found their niche. But they have never been all about the bottom line.

Harvey started off small. With quality and affordability in mind, he chose those close to him who would be sure to capture and execute his vision, his family. Today, the company has grown to incorporate more than just family; but the core values have remained the same.

Presently, they are a team of about 35 – 40 highly skilled and experienced workers, specializing in constructing, moving, and installing quality and affordable Mennonite homes. They operate with an in-house team to ensure that projects remain on schedule and on budget and ensures that their work is of the highest standard with every project that they undertake.

With a team that takes pride in their work, they always ensure to deliver beautiful, sturdy, homes with exceptional finishes. And even though the team has grown to include more than just relatives, the word family still rings true to who they are.

From start to finish, Plett’s Home Builders provide a seamless and easy process for their customers, taking the time to ensure that all their client concerns and needs are met. Plett’s Home Builders uses only quality materials to ensure that their customers are getting the best.

At Plett’s Home Builders, they understand that building a home is something personal. They take the time to go the extra mile and form a relationship with each client, tailoring each build to their needs. They have a deeper understanding of what you need and in turn how to best serve you.

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