How Gungude is made?

How Gungude is made by Agro Processing Unit

The Ministry of Agriculture has supported government-funded school feeding programs across the country through the production, packaging, and distribution of dehydrated fruits that were used to compliment the various feeding programs at targeted schools. Due to financial constraints that led to a decline in the production of dried fruits many schools experienced difficulty trying to supplement the feeding program. Recently, the Ministry was able to identify other markets that could be explored in an effort to assist the feeding programs at the targeted schools. This would be made possible by tapping into agricultural produce that exist in excessive amounts such as bananas, rice, papaya, pineapple, cassava, cocoyam, and seasonal fruits. This product can be developed and prepared for nutritious meals. The problems that the schools face can be alleviated by developing nutritious alternatives by using excess agriculture products that are often under-utilized and disposed of as waste material.

The goal of the project was met along with the project’s objective which encompassed specifically the development of a nutritious and safe product from readily available agricultural commodities.

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