Belizean Christmas Music Video

Music Video Production

Roots and Honor Records have merged the innovative forces of Mervin Budram – MD and Alida Sharp to produce a holiday album, “Belizean Christmas”! This album, birthed from a magnificent multicultural melting pot, seamlessly blends Belizean culture with traditional Christmas songs. Appealing to those who enjoy the warm sounds of the Caribbean as well as the coolness of jazz and blues, “Belizean Christmas” will add flavor to your holiday and spice up your Christmas collection!

We foster collective genius through strong relationships. We understand that great masterpieces are a result of the many creative individuals who contribute to the collective genius. Our talented storytellers scripted a storyboard for the production of this electrifying music video for Mervin Budram – MD. We then sourced Mahler as director of photography to capture the needed footage. Our editors then brought this Belize cultural Christmas piece to life utilizing the storyboard and footage.

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