More than 10 years of experience in graphic design, audio & video production in Belize, the Caribbean, and the United States of America

Branding & Graphic Design

“65% of people are visual learners.”

 Social Science Research Network

Let your brand stand out from the crowd! Graphic design is an essential part of your brand’s visual identity. Combining shapes and colors to define who you are, is our specialty.  Our designs are…

  • Creative: Our team of artists and designers work with you to make your brand unique and distinctive
  • Innovative: We use our creativity coupled with the latest design trends to produce timeless artworks.
  • Professional: We work with our clients to understand and meet their business needs.

We have solutions for every budget

Video production

"78% of online users watch videos every week, and visual content on Facebook specifically increases engagement by 65%"

 Hubspot and Wistia

Need a professional video?

Video is the new black. On social media, being present is not enough anymore. Your brand has to be more than innovative to catch the attention of your prospective clients. 

Using videos is an efficient way to affirm your presence. But be careful of the quality! Don’t become the laughing stock of the Internet.

Our experts understand the Internet trends and  work side by side with you

We analyze your potential and utilize years of experience to achieve and exceed your goals.

Audio production

“54% of podcast consumers say they think about buying advertised products.”

 Convince & Convert

Every brand has a visual identity; BUT not every brand has an audio identity. Do you have one?

People remember better what they hear than what they see. This is because the lack of an image forces them to use their imagination

Get your brand stuck in your prospective clients’ heads. Yes, you have a logo! Why deprive your company/organization of a sound identity? 

With over 15 years of experience in audio production, TAS Belize team will work with you to bring your radio jingle, songs & music to life.