Get to know Lucien Fitzgerald, CMD’s Season 5 Guest

Lucien is a very solution-based individual, and when the right solutions didn’t come knocking at his door, he opened his own doors. He is a firm believer that good leadership, great communication, listening skills, and creativity are the driving factors of having a successful business. L. Fitzgerald Marketing + Events is a marketing company founded by Lucien, which focuses on marketing, communications, and event planning. It is established to support companies through digital marketing initiatives, communications strategy, graphic design, event production, and multimedia production. Through this business, he is able to showcase the importance of communication and the Power of the “Why” philosophy, as well as its effectiveness in business.

Due to the pandemic, Lucien was motivated to completely rebrand his business in order to better serve his customers and market his services. Needless to say, customer satisfaction is a key factor in Lucien’s business as he often gauges success by client satisfaction. Apart from being a full-time entrepreneur, Lucien also holds the position of a Marketing Coordinator at RF&G Insurance Company Ltd. He has also accomplished a lot in his previous work experience, as it has been stated that he assisted in paving the way in establishing a Marketing Department at St. John’s Credit Union, served as a focal point for a rebranding project at the Business Restoration Committee, as well as served on the National Task Force for Financial Literacy and on the Steering Committee of the Father Marion Ganey Quiz Contest with the Belize Credit Union League.

You can watch the full episode or listen to commercial-free audio here.

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