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Digital Tips & Trends

Once upon a time… your company

Among the multitude of advertisements confronting consumers, your brand has to be different. This way, your future client will remember you. Telling the story of your brand is an effective way to distinguish you. Why storytelling? Since the beginning of time, people told stories to preserve culture, make sense of their world and share what’s […]

8 Essential tips for improving your website design

A person’s average session on a website is 2 minutes. This means you have to convince your prospective client  to do business with you in this short time. To that end, you can improve your site to make it more efficient and more attractive. Here are eight tips we’ve compiled to help you optimize your […]

Make Your Website Secure

The Internet is a great tool to communicate and share any content, however, there are some mischievous people online who try to steal private information. For that reason, an SSL Certificate is something that all businesses should have on their website. But, how does it work? SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer” and its purpose […]

Do’s and don’ts of website design

Keep in mind: Always try and make things as clear and easy as possible for your visitors. What may be obvious to you may not be to your visitors. Do make the site attractive. Avoid too many colors and busy background Do make the titles on your web page make sense. Instead of “sleep in […]

Why Do I Need a Website for My Business

Source: Creatage – brand marketing agency You may ask yourself why do I need a website for my business. The answer should be every business should have a website. With more and more people searching for information online through desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablet devices you have many more ways to make contact with […]