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As the month of April gets ready to rear its colorful head, the traditional hunt for finding all the sweet deals begins. Well, we’ve just made your life a little bit easier.  Call it an early Easter present if you will, but April is looking especially bright this year as TAS Belize rolls out its BOGO Promo! You must be wondering what this BOGO is all about. It’s simple.

Buy an Economy Website package and get 1 whole year of free hosting! Imagine that! An entire year, free! You just can’t lose with TAS Belize. We keep on bringing you the best treats. We will provide you with a template-based site of up to 5 pages, with a customizable theme to reflect your company’s brand and colors. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now and let’s get started on giving your company the digital presence it deserves!

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