A look into TAS Belize’s Internship Program in 2021

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Here at TAS Belize, we not only believe in acquiring knowledge and staying abreast with new advancements in the technological world, but we also believe in sharing our knowledge and skills with others. As a result, we embarked on creating an internship program that allows us to not only impart valuable knowledge and skillsets but also instill our values and work ethic to the next generation of problem solvers and innovators.  

Through our Internship Program, we have impacted the lives of multiple interns, not only within Belize but from all over the world. Our program is uniquely designed to accommodate and facilitate interns both in-person and online. 

This year was no exception. So far, we have had four interns, both nationally and internationally, virtually and in person, take part in our program. We started out the year with Mr. Steven Palma, a student at the University of Belize pursuing his bachelor’s degree in information technology. Mr. Palma came onboard wide-eyed and hesitant in early February. While he had limited experience, we knew that he possessed great potential and skills that just needed the opportunity to be harnessed. By the end of his time with us at TAS, Steven had not only pushed himself beyond what he originally thought he was capable of doing but also gained self-confidence and valuable problem-solving skills along the way.  

This summer found us busy with three new interns. Partnering with Global Experiences, Mr. Christian Dyni from the University of Chicago, and Ms. Kathryn McKinney-Roley from Washington State University both joined our team in mid-June. Eager to bring their knowledge and skills to the table, Christian hit the ground running as he began working with our TAS Belize Team and Kathryn was tasked to work with our Creative Monday Team. Due to the pandemic, they are both interning virtually.  

In July Floyd Neal, a first-year student at the Belmopan Methodist Highschool came on board. Although Floyd is young, he has displayed great promise with the skills that he already possesses. With our guidance and support, those skills have already sharpened and expanded. He has a great eye for design and takes instruction well. We can already see the impact and endless possibilities that he will have in the technological space.   

If you are a student and interested in being a part of our internship program, don’t wait! Visit our opportunities page and find out how you can apply today! 

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