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The story of Mervin  Budram Jr., the owner of TAS Belize , began on March 16th, 1983. He was born in Belmopan but was raised in Dangriga Town. He is the 2nd child of five children born to Mervin and Juanita Budram.

He graduated from Ecumenical High School and went on to St. John’s Junior College in Belize City where he earned an Associate’s Degree in General Studies.

While in college Mervin became frustrated with the education system, he felt like he was wasting his time because what he was learning had nothing to do with what he really wanted to do.

After college Mervin went to work with Shamax Productions in Belmopan as a Sound Engineer for three years where he was introduced to graphic design, print publishing and radio advertisement.

He always had the desire and passion to work with youths, so he enrolled in the Discipleship Training School (DTS) at Youth with a Mission (YWAM) in Roaring Creek. After DTS, he volunteered at Jubilee Ministries for two years working in the youth ministry, logistics and communications.

After working with Jubilee, he went to work for Belize Internet Marketing formerly known as WSI (We Simplify the Internet) Consulting for four (4) years as web developer and “all around guy”. At this point he had already started his company but was only able to work part-time. After leaving WSI, he launched TAS Belize full-time.

It was while vacationing in Maine, Mervin got the idea for TAS Belize, he saw the logo in his mind TAS and he put the words Technological Advancement Services.  He noticed that too many young people were graduating with no experience and wanted to create an avenue for them like him whereby they are able to gain work experience and work ethics while earning money to further their education.

In the future he hopes to offer low- interest loans to outstanding young people employed by TAS Belize to further their education and re-invest the money paid back into another young person. Mervin believes that “Each person Send One”.

He would also like to see TAS Belize establish franchises that can go international.

“You can’t steer a ship that’s not moving” is another one of Mervin’s sayings. He said he doesn’t want to reach the end of his life and have regrets. This has led him to songwriting and producing music. He won Belize’s carnival song competition in 2009 with his hit single titled “Jump for Belize” [available on iTunes Store], and also has a band R1ipple 3ffect and several other small businesses on the side. He also works with Legacy Youth Movement & YC Belize.

He also somehow finds the time to teach guitar at Our Lady of Guadeloupe and would like to write a book… someday.



Music, books, shooting videos, video editing, learning new things, family, travel.

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Our Skills

  • video production 80%
  • graphic design 100%
  • website development 95%
  • SEO/ SMM 60%
  • logo design & branding 70%
  • radio ad 75%



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