[bra_team_member member_name=’Farid Iván González Cortés’ member_position=’UB Intern’ member_img_src=’/tb_File/uploads/2016/02/interns-imgs-ivan.jpg’ member_columns=’2′]Hello, my name is Farid Iván González Cortés, I am 20 years old, and it is a pleasure for me to meet new people. I am Mexican; I am from Morelia, the capital of Michoacán. I am studying at UB to improve my skills, vocabulary and knowledge in the English language. I came to Belize to gain more knowledge. TAS Belize Limited had given me the opportunity to venture new areas and to collaborate with their team. I had the opportunity to learn something new each day and to improve my skills. My experience at TAS Belize Limited has been an teachable and enjoyable one . [/bra_team_member] [bra_team_member member_name=’Luis Rubén Chávez Carrillo’ member_position=’UB Intern’ member_img_src=’/tb_File/uploads/2016/02/interns-imgs-ruben.jpg’ member_columns=’2′]My name is Rubén. I’m from a little town in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico named Santa Bárbara. My interests are arts, music, design, and learning. I’m studying at UB, in a scholarship program, to learn English. Every high level student must do a 60 hours internship. I decided to do it at TAS Belize Limited. The experience I had at TAS Belize Limited was a pleasant one. The TAS Belize team is a connected and a connecting group. TAS Belize Limited has a friendly working environment. I have done an internship before at an industrial company in my hometown. There I was responsible for doing industrial planes for hydraulic mechanical parts. Now I have experience in both industrial and graphic design. [/bra_team_member]



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