My name is Kelsie Karissa Franklin. I am nineteen years old. I am a born Belizean and I will be attending the University of Belize in August. Elaborating more on myself, some of my passions would be singing, writing, drawing, designing, dancing and photography. I am thoroughly enjoying my experience interning at TAS Belize. I came here with a VERY basic knowledge of Photoshop and graphic design but here at TAS, that basic knowledge is being sharpened, refined, developed and pushed past the boundaries of basic into the profiles of professional. I am also learning the basics of web development and the updating of websites. I get along very well with all my co-workers and my supervisor. I have seen first hand how the staff at TAS Belize take their projects seriously, strive for excellence, and take pride in their work. Any task that is assigned, is done with diligence and enthusiasm. I look forward to all more that is in store for me with my internship here.